Privacy Policy

MachMetrics collects only the necessary data to run our service and improve your experience.

1) When you visit our site, our server automatically collects specific device/browser information, including but not limited to: your IP address, your browser type, your operating system, pages you visited, and duration of session.

2) When you create an account with our site, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, such as your email address, name, and website urls. We will store your personal information, but will not share it with any third parties, except as necessary to provide the services offered, teach you about the service, and to improve the service.

3) We use cookies to personalize our service for you. These may also be used to provide custom advertisements.

4) We will never sell your personal information, or send you promotions for unrelated services.

5) You may access, update, or delete your personal information, or cancel your account at any time.

6) We may use third parties to help facilitate running our service. Please see the following policies of third party services we may have or will use:

7) We, or the third parties mentioned above, may use cookies to help facilitate running our services. You may clear your browser of cookies at any time and still use our service.

8) All data collected may be obtained for up to 5 years from use of service. You may contact us to purge any information at any time.

9) We are a United States based business and you agree that the laws of United States shall govern and apply. Any matter or dispute arising in relation to these terms shall be under exclusive jurisdiction of United States courts.

10) You may contact us at with any questions.

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